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Clinique: Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Steps System

By 26 November

As someone who has hormonal acne, I've been through a long journey of finding the right skin product for my face. From a drugstore products to dermatologists. There was a time when I gave up, and ended up with denial. I didn't care anymore with my skin condition.

It was three months ago, when I went to the General Practitioner to consult about my bad migraine. She was concern more about my skin condition than my migraine. Hahaha, so we had a bit of chat about this, she gave some advice, and since then I started giving more attention of my skin condition.

I did research online about the best product for face with blemishes, which took me to the Clinique counter on the other day. After long chat with the specialist, and tried the products on my face, I went home with Anti-Blemish Solution 3 Steps System starter, and 7 Days Scrub Cream. And of course half empty wallet. Hahaha. I was so excited to try them and to see the result. And I was also glad, because the specialist gave me two weeks time to try them. If there's no improvement, or get worse, I can return the products. 

So this is what inside the starter box: 

This is actually my third purchase since three months ago when I started using this products.  I will say that one set can only last for a month. 

Step 1 Cleansing Foam. First time I tried this, I knew that I will like it. It is super gentle for my skin. It gives no tightness feeling, or drying. 
Step 2 Clarifying Lotion. To use this lotion I need cotton pad to get this step done. Just apply few amount on the cotton pad and wipe it to the affected area only. Yes, I guess it is better to do it that way, instead of wiping it to my entire face. This lotion will give me dryness if I apply too much. And eyes area is big no no. 
Step 3 All Over Cleansing Treatment. This my favorite step. The cream feels light on my face, and it is oil-free which is what my skin needs.

I do the routine twice a day, morning and evening. After two weeks, I came back to the counter and gave some feed back. Yes there was an improvement on my skin after two weeks using this product.

It is a time when I started believing that my skin will get better. This is the first time I've ever fall in love with skincare product. xx

Yes, I definitely will stick on this products.

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