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NYX Lip Cream and Its Companions

By 02 December

When it comes to lip makeup, I have been trusting it to the certain products. These three are the products I currently use.

Xtreme Lip Cream from NYX

I got this from my sister in law last October. I love it, not just because the color is gorgeous, but also its texture is just what I want it for my lip. This is NYX Cream number XLC03 'Spicy'. My lips’ color is a bit pale, and this lip cream is just what I need. It gives me good coverage and a bit of gloss. It last for around 7 hours, which is okay for me.

Bentley Organic Lip Balm

This  lip balm is also gorgeous. It is organic, and produced in the U.K.  I got this lip balm from a friend last Christmas. He gave me 2 different ‘flavors’, the other one was mint, and I finished that already last month. And I started using this since then. This lip balm is very soft and lite on the lip. It gives my lips a little bit shiny effect, which is I like. But it doesn’t really helps to moisturize my lips when it is in a dry condition. And it doesn’t last long.

Sariayu Jawa Timur

This lipstick is Indonesian’s brand which I adore. Sariayu is well-known brand from Martha Tilaar. They have various series for skin care and makeup. I love their products, and one of the products I currently use is this lipstick. I love red color on my lips, and this Sariayu Jawa Timur series 'reog' number 01 is perfect color for me.

If you asked me which one is my favorite from those three, hmm... I guess NYX is my preference as it is a combination of lipstick and lip balm. But Sariayu also my favorite because its color is just perfect on my lips. And Bentley lip balm is very helpful to avoid chapped lips.

Well, I love them all. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best product as each of them has their goodness and benefit.


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  1. I'm definitely a lip balm kind of girl. I like things with color but I don't usually love the heavy color of lipstick or the matte finish. I need something softer and more subtle.

  2. I want to try that bottom lipstick. I've never heard of that brand, and I'd love to try it. :)

  3. For some occasion red lipstick is just perfect. I don't use it daily tho :) I also love a balm, Ahley.

  4. That's Indonesia local brand. You might order it online -i'm not sure xx, or I might make a beauty product giveaway in the future. Will let you know, Mary :)


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